This is a demo web site that will be used to learn WordPress development.

Since I’ve been playing World of Tanks a lot lately, that will probably be the theme, but other randomness may occur.

I’m a web application developer with over 10 years experience using Microsoft SQL Server and Adobe ColdFusion. Using WordPress, PHP and MySQL will be a new experience for me and hopefully teach this old fox some new tricks in the process.

Don’t get too attached to anything you see, as I will constantly be changing the site as I grow as a WP developer and learn new tricks. I’m not even fully sure if I’ll keep this theme.

Currently I’ve been playing around with child themes and widgets. In time I hope to be able to create my own widgets and eventually my own plugins and themes.

Until then, enjoy what you see here.

Recent Awards

British SPG - Sexton II

Mastery: Ace Tank

Earn more experience in a single battle than the average highest experience of 99% of all players in the same tank within the last seven days.


Destroy a higher-tier enemy vehicle by ramming it. You can only earn this achievement once per battle. The icon in the service record displays the number of times the achievement was awarded.